Technical Supervision

The gas pipelines, devices and natural gas installations are only constructed according to investment designs, certified by a technical supervision authority after an evaluation of their correspondence with the technical requirements.

Newly constructed gas pipelines, devices and installations are being registered by the technical supervision authority and a revision logbook is being issued.

The initiation in exploitation of gas pipelines, devices and natural gas installations is carried out only after the issuance of permit from the technical supervision authority.

The gas pipelines, devices and natural gas installations in exploitation are a subject of mandatory periodic inspections.

The exploitation of the mobile and distribution gas pipelines and devices is carried out by professionals, while the exploitation of the building gas installations is carried out by consumers without the need of special competency. That is why, it is important that they are being instructed to adhere to some basic rules:

-          The consumers are not allowed to displace, replace or repair any of the elements of the gas installations, to carry out construction changes in the gas devices, as well as connect new ones.

-          It is forbidden to alter the set up of the smoke exhausts and the ventilation system, to close the ventilation channels, to close the vents for the cleaning of the smoke exhausts.

-          The consumers are not allowed to turn off the safety and regulation automated system.

-          In case of a damaged gas equipment, immediately call a technician from the local gas distribution company or/and the service company

-          In a case of a sudden halt of the gas supply or if the smell of gas is sensed immediately shut the taps of the burners of the gas devices and call the local gas distribution company. Open the windows, do not smoke and do not use any electric devices.

The technical supervision of your gas installation ensures it safe exploitation!